The concept is very simple and age old!  All of us have our favorite teams, those we boast about (National Champions), favored Alma Maters, etc.!  We like to “puff our chests” to those around us whose teams we may feel inferior to our own.  It’s healthy and SPIRITED competition, the drive to win and be a winner by supporting that favored school.  What better way to support your school, than to participate as a Patron, while others are doing the same while pooling those financial donations into one large pot?  The Spirit Challenge tabulates the votes cast online to determine the school winner.  Now, to keep this on a level playing field for all schools involved, we use a simple formula to determine the highest percentage based on the Fall recorded student population and the votes cast. Smaller schools have the same chances as a major university, all depends on the fans and supporters.

Of course, showing your support involves being a PAID annual subscriber to our cause!  There are MILLIONS of college fans across the country, millions of college students. Our patronage levels start as low as $1 per month!  There is NO reason we should not have MILLIONS of subscribers once this campaign gains momentum.  We DEPEND ON YOU to help this campaign go viral, utilize your Social Media outlets, challenge your family, friends and colleagues to join in.  SPREAD THE WORD!
How to become a subscriber and cast your vote:

Visit Patreon,
Select your participation level and Join Us!

  • For this to be a SUCCESS, we ask you to PLEASE SUBSCRIBE as a Patron to our cause.  Once you have subscribed, you can then place your team selection on the VOTE page of our website.
  • CAST YOUR VOTE!  Please only one vote per subscriber, but you can be a multiple subscriber if you wish, or just tell more your friends, family and colleagues to join as well.
  • College Awards are presented on an annual basis or as may be deemed appropriate.  Individual scholarship awards may be awarded on a monthly or annual basis dependent upon the participation levels subscribers select.

If you would like to become a SPONSOR and promote your products and services to all our members involved and be a part of the dynamic Spirit Challenger community, please email us at: