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We ALL have favorite college football teams we root for every fall.  It may be our Alma Mater or it may just be a favorite, but we all get excited and pumped as teams compete and try to get to the National Championship!  The National Collegiate Spirit Challenge is a means to REVEAL just which college team really has the most sports fans.  Fans select their favorite team and cast a vote to show their support.  In the process, the FANS who sponsor the team by being a voter subscriber , help raise funds which is then distributed as an annual scholarship award to the winning school.  We take all the collected funds and pool them to be able to make the College Spirit Award as well as help college students to be able to have a chance at a 4-yr. fully-paid scholarship (max. $250,000.00).  Subscriber donations start as little as $1 monthly, so there is NO reason whatsoever any SPORTS FAN cannot be a part of this exciting promotion.

In addition, we will invite SPONSORS to participate and offer their products or services as they may feel to participate.  This is a WIN-WIN for everyone!  Where's your school spirit?  VOTE TODAY !